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Website development

Websites built with SEO in mind

Website development on WordPress is the most commonly requested content builder and it’s no surprise as WordPress can help deliver exactly what you need no matter the size and scale of your business.  It’s also our preferred development tool too because not only is it cost-effective, it offers a huge amount of flexibility as there are 1000’s of pre-designed templates available for every industry and niche market to choose from. We can also adapt WordPress themes to your requirements by coding in additional functionality. 


We can also develop websites from scratch with Laveral and by using Shopify, Webflow, and HTML. 

Website Development on WordPress

Website development on WordPress is fantastic if you want complete control over your website content.   It gives you the website building software and web hosting in one package and it offers more customisation options than any other method. 

It is the top content management system (CMS) and website builder on the internet. It’s used by over 32% of all websites, which means every third website currently on the internet was built on WordPress. Many of the biggest brands in the world are using WordPress actively for their websites.

Website development on WordPress is amazing as it has a number of built-in themes and plugins, which make it extremely cost-effective to develop professional and elegant websites on a budget and scale as your business grows.  There are many themes and plug-ins available for every type of website, category, and niche.

Website development on WordPress

Custom websites

We can develop custom websites from scratch using Laravel, which is a reliable open-source PHP framework.   Coding a website from scratch allows much more freedom and customization, however, it is significantly more expensive and a very timely route and recommended for large and complex web development projects.  


There is very little point in developing a fantastic new website if no one can find you online!  Technical SEO and on-page SEO (one keyword per page) are built-in as standard on all our website builds.  Ongoing SEO services are also available to help your website climb the search engine rankings. 

Mobile apps

Using React technology we can build Mobile Apps as an extension of your website or as a standalone app for download on Andriod and Apple.  Get in contact today and discuss your specific  requirements 

Our approach to website development projects

Understand your vision

Before any work commences we will take time to fully understand your vision, ambitions goals, and objectives.

Build your website

Based full on your requirements and working in collaboration with you, we will create a website that meets your needs and that you can be proud of.

Power up with SEO

We only build Google friendly sites, therefore all technical SEO aspects are built in as standard. We also include on-page SEO for 1 focus keyword per page.

Test and go live

We apply rigorous testing to all our websites sites before they go live, furthermore you have us on-hand for 2 months to ensure the launch goes smoothly.

Website Development FAQs

You will need your great idea armed with content, content and more content!  As well as content you will need to have an understanding of exactly what you would like your site to achieve both today and in the future.  We will work with you in the design phase to agree the best approach.  

Magic Caterpillar provides hosting options for email and web.  We offer free hosting to all our clients in year one.  It's easy for us to manage your site if it's hosted on our platform (which is backed by Fasthosts) and easier for you if you would like less to manage.   Some clients prefer to arrange their own hosting and that's fine too, we just need the log in credentials to get started. 

There is no need for you to know anything technical, we will manage everything on your behalf and guide you through the build step by step. 


We invite our clients to get as involved with the website design as much as they would like to.  We work with clients who are heavily involved and others just provide an idea and we do everything including crafting the content. 


Costs vary depending on the level of build complexity, the number of pages / images and most importantly the method of development you need. 


Our basic informational sites developed in WordPress using themes start from as little as £600.  Bigger bespoke projects range from £3k- £10k.   

Once we have fully scoped your website requirement we will provide an all inclusive price.  The price will only increase if the website scope changes during the project.  


There will be on-going costs to pay for hosting, web maintenance (periodic updating of plug ins and themes will keep your site safe from being compromised) and your domain renewal fees.    

The duration of a project depends on the how complex the project is.  Basic sites can be developed in a matter weeks provided the content is given.  The more complex website builds can take between 2 and 6 months to complete. 


We find that scope creep and failing to provide content on-time slows a project down significantly. 

Some example website development on WordPress

Wedding Directory and Planning Ecommerce Site
Luxury Bathroom Fitters
Lifestyle Concierge
Health and Beauty
Service Business
Service Business
Shop Display
Shop Display
Commercial Cleaning
Plumbing and Heating
Auction Site
Auction Site
Training and Consulting
Health and Beauty
Community Website (Charity)

Small business start up package

Get your business off the ground with our dedicated Small Business Start-Up Package.   Let us take the hassle away from you and get your website up and running swiftly so that you can focus on growing your business. 

We are business consultants as well as web developers so we are able to work collaboratively with you to make your great idea a reality. 



Often we get asked to create a logo for a new website, or perhaps to modify an existing logo.   Our logo designers will create a logo to reflect the personality of your business and they will keep going until you are fully satisfied.  All we need from you is an idea or a sketch and the rest we do for you. Prices start from £100. 

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