About Us

Super Efficient

We work tirelessly to ensure projects are completed on time

Virtual Working

All our projects can be executed in a virtual environment

Highly Skilled

We are business consultants as well as skilled web developers

Magic Caterpillar's story

Business consultants and web developers

Over the years Magic Caterpillar has evolved from a sales and marketing consultancy into a web development and digital agency.  Website development is now at the heart of the business.  Clients tell us that having a sales and marketing background gives great advantage as it allows us to offer valuable business advice and guidance alongside the digital services that we provide.

We feel passionate about applying ‘big business concepts’  to helping start-ups and SMEs flourish, and we have a track record for successfully delivering high-quality services at affordable prices.

Our belief is to work hard to get results and have as much fun as possible along the way! 

Virtual working

Most of our projects are carried out in a virtual environment so this means we have a client base growing across the UK and Ireland.  The COVID pandemic has taught us all to do things differently and as a result people have now realised that virtual working is a very time-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of working. 

Depending on the client’s preference our project meetings are held either on Zoom, Skye, What’s App, or Teams.   

Where we can we also like to meet our clients, so we always recommend a face-to-face kick-off meeting if at all possible. 

Our success is your success

We like to consider ourselves an extension of your business and from the beginning of all projects, we take steps to fully immerse ourselves in your idea, vision, and culture.  With all our clients we work in a very close partnership in order to create unique solutions that will take your business to another level. 

Maybe you need help building a website and managing your SEO to make it Google-friendly and climb the rankings.  Or perhaps you want to set up your social media or get some help with content writing or maybe your current website provider isn’t giving you everything you need.  Whatever support you need we are here to help. 

Jo Welland

Founder / Web designer / project management

Arsalan Ali (Benny)

WeB Developer


Social media

Tom Tom

Content Writer / Blogs