SME Sales Drive guarantees improvements

Growing sales is a challenge, can be frustrating at times and very often a stumbling block to growth. To successfully grow your business there needs to be an investment in sales and a maturity in the way in which your sales activity is organised. A poorly defined approach to sales is extremely costly, can stunt growth and often result in lost customers and opportunity.

6- Step Sales Improvement Programme

The SME Sales Drive programme is designed using a unique blend of diagnostic, consulting and professional development services. It is jam packed with value and the steps are implemented over a 10-month period.

Step 1

Evaluate where improvements can be made

Step 2

Define a sales strategy and plan

Step 3

Develop staff competence and confidence

Step 4

Hands on practical support

Step 5

Coaching and mentoring

Step 6

Measure where improvements have been made

Results you can expect

  • Improve your sales profits and revenue
  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Develop the confidence to do things differently
  • Save time and effort by using experts to guide you
  • Discover a pathway to achieve top-down sales excellence and sales growth
  • Develop structure and rigour in your approach to sales
  • Improve your overall sales performance and capability
  • Provide a platform for future sales growth

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