Sales Health Check

Many organisations are totally unaware of where improvements and enhancement can be made. 

Our Health Check Services have been specifically designed to measure and evaluate core sales management activities so that areas for improvement can be identified and prioritised.

Health Checks also provide a valuable reference in order to measure change and progress overtime.

Independent Un-biased Assessment

Magic Caterpillar’s Health Check provides an independent measurement of your sales management capability covering people, process and system requirements. The service is aligned with our Sales Effectiveness Framework, which provides a blue print for sales excellence. This approach delivers a rigorous assessment of the current level of sales maturity so that you can identify areas for improvement, prioritise development actions and measure progress overtime.

✓ Our team provides an independent and un-biased assessment that is free of politics or any fixed thinking patterns that might be limiting sales potential.

✓ Assessments are tailored to meet your needs and priced on the size and shape of your organisation.

✓ The service involves a desktop review of sales documentation, on-site observations and interviews and development of a final report.

✓ The report will include assessment criteria, commentary on observations against best practice and a set of high level recommendations.

Please download our PDF for further details

“Magic Caterpillar gave us a wide range of observations and recommendations against the sales health check criteria, which has prompted some immediate and longer-term actions. We were impressed with the speed at which Jo understood our sales processes – the methodology is well thought out and the presentation of results is excellent. Of particular value to us was the opportunity to take a step back and look at our sales process through the eyes of on independent expert and then discuss the improvement options”

Simon Marvell, Managing Partner, Acuity Risk Management

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