Sales Coaching

We are all human, we all have fears and we all have areas where could improve. Our coaching programmes are led by you and 100% customised to your personal growth and development needs. Our facilitators are sales professionals with a coaching background, which means we are able to ‘put ourselves in your shoes’ and deliver a service that is challenging, supportive and results driven.


What do you want to improve?

  • Increase sales and customers?
  • Stay focused on the results you want?
  • Develop your confidence?
  • Overcome fears holding you back?
  • Generate new ideas and ways of thinking?
  • Develop your self-awareness?
  • Improve management skills?
  • Improve team-working?
  • Improving sales planning and execution?
  • Become more valued by customers and colleagues?

Coaching programmes can be purchased in a block of 5 hours and are carried out at your pace over Skype. This approach is personable and can be very easily embedded into your working routine.

The relationship is a key aspect to the success of a programme, it is therefore very important to us that you feel you can work with us. As such we offer a 30 minute free initial assessment, which will give you the opportunity to evaluate your goals and decide if this method of self-improvement will work for you.

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