Sales Consultancy

Organisations don’t often have the resources, time and knowhow to grow a sales and marketing capability. Some have a sound idea but very little commercial experience and others are simply unsure about future growth direction. Our consulting services are aimed at facilitating organisations to grow sales capability.

Services are flexible, scalable to meet your specific requirements and range from ad-hoc advisory support to major sales improvement and transformation programmes. We will work with you to determine a scope of work that best meets your requirements.

Defining Sales Strategy

A successful sales strategy clearly defines who, what, why, when, how you are going to sell.

• Workshops to brainstorm and set direction
• The development of sales strategy (and plans)
• The communication of strategy
• Inspiring the sales force and gaining buy-in

Shaping Sales Management

Sales managers shape and drive forward the activity of selling and motivate sales people to achieve their potential.

• The development of sales plans
• Improving accuracy of sales forecasting
• Setting realistic sales targets
• Managing sales performance

Inspiring The Sales Force

Inspired and motivated sales people achieve far better results.

• Developing sales incentives
• Recruiting talented sales people
• Motivating the sales force
• Getting ‘non-sales people’ to sell

Performing System and Process

An effective sales processes can significantly grow sales and reduce the cost of sale.

• Improving lead generation activity
• Strengthening sales process
• Enhancing the ‘customer journey’
• Enhancing sales proposals

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